Basic Configurations Requirements to Run UTRADE Online Trading Platform

Processors: Central Processor Unit 2GHz or above
Memory: 1GB or above
Network Connection: Broadband installed

Operating System


Windows 8 Yes
Windows 7 Yes
Windows XP Yes
MAC OS X (10 - 10.9) No



IE 11 Testing*
IE 7 or above Yes
Chrome 6 or above Yes
Firefox 3 or above Yes
Safari No

* The application of AASTOCKS real time streaming for the US markets in IE 11 is under testing. Clients who view ETNET quotes for the HK market with IE 11 are not affected.

Due to different computer settings, clients may need to install different JAVA versions (JRE versions) to access the online trading platform. Below are our suggestions:


Windows Operating System


8   7   XP
IE 11   Java 7^ or 6*   Java 7^ or 6*   Java 6*
IE 7 or above   Java 7^ or 6*   Java 7^ or 6*   Java 6*
Chrome 6 or above   Java 7^ or 6*   Java 7^ or 6*   Java 6*
Firefox 3 or above   Java 7^ or 6*   Java 7^ or 6*   Java 6*
Safari   No**   No**   No**

After logging into the system, what should clients do if they see the Security Warning and Certificate Pop-up of JAVA?

* If clients encounter difficulties in viewing real-time streaming for the HK market, we recommend Java SE Runtime Environment 6u45 or Java SE Runtime Environment 6u31 (Install here), which is the best version for the application at this stage.

** UTRADE Web does not support MAC OS currently.

^ Please update Java 7 to the latest version. (Update here)

If clients still experience problems with our online trading platform, please call our Client Service Hotline: (852) 2136 1818.

Firewall and Proxy Server Configurations Requirements

Firewall: If a firewall is set at the network, TCP / IP port 80 and 443 must be opened
Proxy Servers: Support various Proxy Servers


Operating System

iPad/iPhone: iOS 4 or later
UTRADE Mobile on iPhone and iPad is available in the iTunes App Store as UTRADE HK Mobile
Android: Androids version 2.3 or later
UTRADE Mobile is available in Google Play as UTRADE HK Mobile